As a designer and an artist I work across mediums including graphic design, interactive media, and video. My practice emphasizes interdisciplinary approach to a conceptual inquiry, with special interest in Physical Interfaces and Interactive Storytelling. I was born to a mixed Russian-Greek family and grew up in Uzbekistan, Former Soviet Union. I often take inspiration in the memories of my upbringing and migratory experiences. I also traveled excessively between the Former Soviet Republics, Europe and the US, and am fluent in Russian.

I earned an honorary MFA degree from the Department of Digital + Media at the Rhode Island School of Design, and my work has been exhibited and published nationally and abroad, at the How Magazine Interactive Design Annual, Video and Contemporary Art Festival Waterpieces, Riga, Latvia and Oslo Screen Festival, Oslo, Norway. I am currently holding a position of tenure-track faculty in the Graphic Design Department at the American University, Washington, DC.