Where The Home Is
reactive installation

video projection, small plastic trays, print on transparency, string, kinect Sensor, custom Processing aoftware;


The typical snow globe souvenir will sometimes be collected a travel keepsake, and will contain a miniature landmark replica. These objects may be seen as tacky, but they also trigger memories and are often associated with childhood. This piece uses a familiar snow globe reference to question a place for one’s memory and presence.

A series of objects containing small pieces of hometown’s map (Tashkent, former USSR) are arranged in front of a video projection casting shadows. When the viewer enters the installation she, too, becomes immersed in a projection, and sees a shadow of herself.

The projection will respond to the viewer’s “shaking” of the objects by playing a video of what appears to be snow. The language of interaction is familiar, but the objects and images are not what they at first appear.