Map of Jazz
web-based experience

creative consulting, identity and infographic design, website design and development

Project director: Fernando Benadon

Map programming:
Carl Kingsford and Darya Filippova

Map of Jazz graphics

The Map of Jazz is an interactive website designed to explore collaborations among musicians in jazz history. Over the last one hundred years, jazz music has evolved as a dynamic network of interpersonal associations, both in the recording studio and on the concert stage.

Map of Jazz graphics website screenshot

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Map of Jazz project identity

Map of Jazz identity


Web page and infographics. See it live.

Map of Jazz graphics website screenshot


Map of Jazz graphics website screenshot



Fernando Benadon: Project director and concept developer.
Michael Fitzgerald: co-director

Carl Kingsford and Darya Filippova: Map programming.

Yana Sakellion: Identity, inforgraphic, interface design,website design and development.