Pereselenije, Journey in Four Movements
Concert performance and animation,

In coolaboration with:
Jonathan Kolm, composer

Movement I, Departure

Originally performed on May 30, 2013
Abramson Family Recital Hall,
Washington, DC

Afer Effects, Expressions, Processing


Pereselenije (n) from Russian ~ means moving from one place to live to another, relocation, migration.

This animation addresses the longing, the waiting, and the moment in front of you in the process of immigration. It is inspired by artist's own experience, and is produced in a collaboration with composer Jonathan Kolm. Moving images and the music were developed simultaneously often informing and inspiring each other. Each movement represents a different stage of the migratory experience.

Pereselenije, Movement I reflects "The Departure" sage.
Pereselenije, Movement II conveys "The Journey".
Pereselenije, Movement III is devoted to "The Arrival".
Pereselenije, Movement IV closes the series with "Assimilation".


Music Credits:

Jonathan Kolm, composition;
Mauricio Salguero, clarinet; Mary Voutsas, piano