Twitter Jay and the Recyclists Exerience
intereactive installation

video projection, stationary bike, micro-conroller, accelerometer, MaxMSP

Race in coolaboration with:

Johns Hopkins University DMC:
Digital Media Center
Joan Freedman, director

Twitter Jay and the Recyclists Team

Kinetic Sculpture Race installation

Throughout the fall and spring semesters, I collaborated with Johns Hopkins University Digital Media Center student engineers and artists to help participate in the American Visionary Arts Museumís Kinetic Sculpture Race and to create an installation documenting the event.

We decided to build a system that could receive and display the text messages (or tweets) from the cheering fans during the race, and track and video record the route for later installation. We were also concerned to incorporate recycled materials, such as grocery bags and bamboo, to the vehicle.

The bike was equiped with a laptop, acell phone, and LED screen for handling text messages, and a web cam is mounted upfront to record the footage. The members of teh Twitter Jay and the Recyclists team then rode in the annual race.

After the race event I have designed the installation where audience can experience the thrill of the past event. By peddling on a stationary bicycle they drive forward the video documentation.

Kinetic Sculpture Race installation


Support by:Johns Hopkins Digital Media Center, Baltimore MD, USA
Joan Freedman, director

Yana Sakellion:interactive installation design and development
Milt Reder:kinetic race vehicle system technical development

Twitter Jay and the Recyclists Team:vehicle desing, manufacturing, techical development assistance