My scholarship is characterized by an idea-centric approach to an interdisciplinary creative practice. I work at the intersection of art, deign and technology to extend the expressive and investigative potential of the experimental storytelling. Inspired by my own migratory past, I recognize cultural and sequential fragmentation as an inevitable part of modern human condition, and seek to highlight links that reveal similarities across individual experiences. Although my work varies in format and technique, each project aims to engage the audience as active explorers, searching to discover hidden connections.

I consider myself an interdisciplinary storyteller. My own story begins with being born to a mixed Russian-Greek family and growing up in Uzbekistan, Former Soviet Union to later see the Union collapse and migrate to the USA. This leads me to question fragmentation in all forms, and to long for the fleeting moments of clarity among chaotic changes and mangled connections. A brief encounter, a sudden reflection might, if only for a second, complete a puzzle.

I strongly believe that creative work has the power to transform and elevate our understanding of the world. Whether I work with the actual written narrative (such as my linear video work), or embark on a non-traditional exploration of the narrative applications (such non-linear interactive work), I strive to situate the audience within the mythology of the piece. I want my audience to experience the “aha” clarity moments that can give new light to the familiar. Whether literal or implied, the stories I tell always shape the “invisible” into “visible”, or “intangible” into “tangible”.

Technology as a tool for augmenting storytelling and experience design is most intriguing to me. Therefore Technology research and testing is an integral part of my practice. I practice working both alone and in collaboration, though I find that most projects always require interaction with other artists and developers to some degree.In the end, it is not the tool, but the idea that dictates which is the most appropriate execution.

I observe my surroundings and see a story. Then I engage with this story exploring it in short sketches of the different mediums to see how it wants to be told (video narrative, an environment or an interactive experience). Finally, I let it unfold.